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Exceptional Aesthetic Design Concepts

Showcase your project with exceptional aesthetic design using artistic glass and metal sculpture from Jancik Arts International JAI

    Stained Glass Ceiling Domes

    Custom made and installed by Jancik Arts International on your project.

    Highly skilled artisans create the uniquely beautiful stained glass designs. For every creation, the supplier assumes full responsibility for overall project managment, overseeing design, fabrication, shipping, and installation.

    Vertical Art Glass

    Stained glass and other custom artistic glass designs for window, door, partitions, separation walls, privacy spaces.

    Faux-Casted Glass

    Perfect for interior spaces, room divider screens, booth dividers, tabletops, signs, and door inserts in lobbies, restaurants, hotels, and private residences.

    Metal Sculpture

    Jancik Arts International is not only a leader in the custom design, production, and installation of interior vertical glass and stained glass dome structures, they are also accomplished artisans in metal design for world-renowed travel, leisure, and residential environments.

Non-Combustible, Fire-Resistant Floor and Roof Design

Design for fire-rated, non-combustible floor, roof, and wall assemblies from U.S. Architectural Products USAP


A non-combustible, fiber cement, decorative finish panel used for exposed exterior and interior walls. Simulates the look of natural limestone at a fraction of the cost! If Cem-Clad is installed as a floor, it must receive a protective wear coating. Cem-Clad is not intended to be the wear surface.


A non-combustible, structural fiber cement panel with a galvanized steel sheet laminated to one side for contruction of fire-rated non-combustible floor, roof, and security wall assemblies. Cem-Steel is a substrate sheathing, not a finish or wear surface. The steel side is always installed down.

Plycem Fiber Cement Board

A non-combustible, structural fiber cement board for contruction of fire-rated non-combustible floor, roof, and wall assemblies. Plycem is ideal for the Modular Building Industry. Plycem is a substrate sheathing, not a finish or wear surface.


A highly fire resistant cement bonded particle board used primarily for fire-rated floor and roof assemblies. Versaroc is a substrate sheathing that requires a finish. Floors use typical floor finishing such as pad and carpet, vinyl tile, roll-out linoleum type coverings, ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring, etc. Roofing applications require typical roof finishes such as tar paper & shingles, pre-formed metal roofing systems, etc.


Mayapple Services


Sales and Marketing: Mayapple's team of sales professionals can do the work for your product line sales. Give us a call for a free consultation to determine if your product lines are a fit for our team.

Photography: architectual presentation photography - product catalogs - completed building construction - jobsite photography - forensic documentation.

Website Development: complete website development packages - from domain name registration to operational site with our webmaster maintenace service.




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